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Burglary Boarding Up Windows

At Orange Construction & Restoration we recommend our Burglary Boarding Up Windows Service during the restoration process to keep your property safe and secure from vandalism and wildlife and to prevent further damage.

Finding missing property or unexpected guests claiming your property as their own would just add onto the stress that you are already dealing with. Our boarding up windows service will ensure to keep unwanted traffic from your property as well as any outside debris or particles making their way inside.

We also know that damage can happen to your property at any time and that is why we offer 24/7 Emergency Services including Emergency Board-Up.

We work with you and your insurance policy to provide the quickest and most stress-free process possible. Call Orange Construction & Restoration to get a personalized quote or to find out more information.

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Why Emergency Board Up Services Should Be Contacted ASAP

One of the least protected areas of commercial or residential property is windows. In other words, windows are much easier to damage, much easier to break than a concrete or plywood wall or an exterior door. If you cannot have a window fixed right away, you should contact an emergency board up service like Orange Restoration. Orange Restoration professionals will be dispatched right away to secure your property and shield your house or business while you’re waiting for the fix or replacement to take place. 

Commercial building board up services

Commercial buildings are just as likely to get damaged as residential properties. Storms, fires, and tornadoes are devastating to any property that gets in their way. Severe storms, strong winds, or hurricanes can damage glass, tear off roofs, sidings, etc., and leave your property exposed to outside elements. If your business is damaged during any event and the outside openings aren’t fixed immediately, you could face severe court liabilities resulting from your landlord.

Emergency board up services for residential properties

Emergency board up services come in handy in other situations as well. For example, if your house starts to flood due to your roof’s damage, water damage within your walls will start to occur. However, it might not be structurally damaged yet, and you should get the leak stopped ASAP so that it does not develop into one. If the water continues to soak into your walls, ceilings, and carpet, it could cause severe mold damage in the long run. This can then lead to you facing health risks from breathing in mold spores linked to lung-related illnesses and diseases. 

Board up your windows with plywood and roof with tarps immediately to minimize the water damage to your property. By sealing any openings in the property, you can ensure that no more damaging elements can get inside. Suppose you do not have any experience doing this task yourself. If that is the case, it will be much safer and more efficient to hire a professional emergency board up service such as Orange Restoration.

Pre-disaster preparation board up

Similarly, suppose you are located in an area where natural disasters are no strangers, such as tornadoes or flooding. In such case, you can expect your building to suffer damage during these extreme events. By boarding up your windows with the help of emergency board up services, you can protect your business and your property from the severity of the damage that might occur.

Riot and vandalism board up services

Due to the unfortunate recent rise in vandalism and looting, we have started offering our emergency board up services to business owners that need to have their property closed off ASAP. We understand the urgency in your business being exposed to the outside world due to broken windows, doors, or even walls. Our professionals get dispatched to your location quickly to minimize the further damage your property is at risk of facing.

Residential burglary and vandalism board up

If your home gets vandalized or broken into where windows have been broken, it is vital to seal it off right away after the authorities have finished gathering evidence. It is often necessary to seal off the area and minimize the chances of burglars re-entering your property, or new burglars have an easy way in. By doing this, you will be ensuring that your property is safe and secure and will deter potential vandals. 

There are many more reasons why contacting an emergency board up service might be essential. These are situations where preventing damage is suitable for your business and yourself and your loved ones. Whether you experience a storm, fire, or other natural disasters, you never know when something might happen. It is better to be prepared not to have to spend unnecessary amounts of money on repairs. Saving money now will mean that you do not have to spend money later on unnecessary repairs or replace damaged items.

If you require a fast emergency board up service in Louisville, KY, New Albany, IN, or surrounding areas, contact Orange Restoration right away. Orange Restoration is IICRC certified disaster restoration company that puts your needs and safety as our top priority and ensures to get your property sealed off quickly and effectively.