Fire and Smoke Remediation

At Orange Construction & Restoration we understand the stress and difficulties that come with Fire & Smoke Damage, we are equipped with the experience and knowledge to handle your restoration process quickly and as stress-free as possible. We work tirelessly to bring your property back to its former state, if not better than ever.

We offer Fire & Smoke Damage Services such as:

Packing up the home, non-salvagable list for insurance, property secured, tagging, photographing damages, cleaning and returning of remaining property and restoring to preexisting condition. We work with you and your insurance policy to provide a quick and through process.

We work with you and your insurance policy to provide the quickest and most stress-free process possible. Call Orange Construction & Restoration to get a personalized quote or to find out more information.

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Fire Damage Restoration Services

Many people will live their lives without having to experience fire and smoke damage in their homes. However, those who are not as fortunate might face several types of fire damage. Fire and smoke damage restoration is the most expensive restoration service. The simple reason for it is that lots of water are being used to put out the fire. In return, fire extinguishing will leave water damage behind as well.

At Orange Restoration, we have a strict process that we go through to ensure the highest quality service for our clients. We evaluate the quality of our work with many variables. These variables range from damage evaluation, minimizing the cost or restoration without sacrificing quality, to name a few.

When fire damage or destruction occurs in your home, there are a few different things that you will need to consider to get things back to normal. Learn about the most common types of fire damage restoration so that you can be prepared for fire damage restoration if it ever happens in your home.

Damage Assessment: Firstly, our highly trained inspectors assess the damage that’s done to your property. They will go into great detail about fire, soot, smoke damage, and water damage that was left by putting out the fire.

Property Removal: After the damage has been assessed and documented, we will need to remove the property’s contents to prevent further damage from occurring. Damaged items that can be rebuilt will be rebuilt either on-site or at our special facility. Items that cannot be rebuilt will be discarded. Other items will be stored in a climate-controlled storage facility.

Boarding Up Service: Since the fire might have caused your property to have holes in the walls, windows glass shattered, roof fallen in, we will do what’s called a board up service. We cover any property openings with tarps and plywood to prevent any more damage or unwanted species making your home their new residence.

Water Extraction and Dehumidifying: After the property has been secured, boarded, and tarped where needed, water removal service must be conducted. This step ensures that the water damage caused by putting out the fire is contained and doesn’t develop any further.

Removal of Soot, Smoke Residue, and Sanitizing: We use specialized equipment to remove smoke odors from the materials such as walls, ceilings, floors. We will also remove the soot that was left behind by the fire, and once all is done, we will clean and disinfect the area. Disinfection is critical since, during this step, we remove all of the harmful chemicals and bacteria.

Property Restoration: Now is where the fun part comes in. Our highly skilled professionals will start working on rebuilding your property to its pre-existing condition. This step includes replacing building materials, restoring salvageable materials, contents restoration, painting, etc.

Smoke and fire damage restoration services are usually handled by fire damage restoration experts such as Orange Restoration, who work closely with a team of experts. The best fire damage restoration firms offer 24-hour emergency services so that they can come to your home or business as soon as possible and offer immediate relief from smoke and fire damage. This is an essential feature to look for when searching for fire damage restoration professionals, and it is an industry-standard.

Fire and water damage can be devastating and can cause many different physical and mental issues. If you are looking into the fire and water damage restoration services in Louisville, KY, New Albany, IN, or surrounding areas, you should look into hiring professionals at Orange Restoration to restore your property to its pre-incident condition. Whether you need fire damage restoration services or mold remediation services, we work hard to either eliminate the dangers or offer you a way to minimize the impact.

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