Water Damage Restoration and Water Mitigation

Orange Construction & Restoration is a proud and certified Water Mitigation and Water Damage Restoration service for both Commercial and Residential Properties in Louisville, KY, New Albany, IN, and surrounding areas.

We are a full-service restoration company with over 50 years of experience and are familiar with the process of Water Mitigation. You can feel confident that we will handle your property will professionalism and care.

Reasons for why you would need to call a water mitigation and restoration company:

We work with you and your insurance company to provide the quickest and most stress-free process possible.

What to do if you are faced with water damage

Naturally, we are not extremely worried about having water damage our properties until it happens. So, what should you do when you are facing any water-related mishap? Below you will find a list of steps that you should take if water damage happens on your property.

Orange Restoration Water Damage Mitigation and Water Damage Restoration Louisville, KY Process:

  1. Contact Our Emergency Team Immediately
  2. Water damage inspection
  3. Water extraction and flood water removal
  4. Property drying and dehumidifying
  5. Property cleaning and sanitizing
  6. Restoration of the property and Contents restoration

Water damage is a destructive force on its own. If not handled quickly and adequately, it can develop into a much bigger issue. Two of the most prevalent problems that water damage leaves behind are structural damage to the building and mold’s decreased integrity. 

As you can imagine, having either one of these issues develop in your property will lead to many safety issues down the line. If you need water damage mitigation, water damage restoration, or mold restoration services, do not wait and contact us!

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