Fire and water damage come together

When talking about the fire damage to the property, we often forget the water damage that follows. To put out the fires, firefighters use extensive amounts of water, which then gets left behind. So essentially, you are not only left with burnt down building materials and valuables, smoke damage, soot, but also have puddles of water all over the place. Fire and water damage do tend to go hand in hand.

The consequences of a fire can be devastating. Even if you were fortunate enough not to lose your home to the fire completely, the cleaning process takes a long time. Cleaning should be done thoroughly to prevent toxins from being left behind by soot and smoke and ensure your home is safe.

So now you have two problems. First is the fire damage and the toxic matter that it leaves behind. Second, you have to do water damage mitigation and restoration from putting the fire out. Fire damage restoration is the most work-intensive disaster restoration service.

If the fire department is called and they put out the fire, they use high-pressure water hoses. They prevent the fire from spreading and contain the fire damage, but in the process, your property gets damaged from the strength of the pressurized water getting pushed out as well as the amounts of it.

If water puddles up and stays on the property without being removed within the first 24 hours, mold can start developing. Once mold starts growing, you will need to hire a mold mediation company unless you are qualified to do mold remediation yourself. If not treated right away, mold can eat away at the building materials and damage your building’s structure. Besides, mold particles can go airborne and get inside of your lungs, causing some severe illnesses down the road.

The good news is, you don’t have to deal with fire damage and water damage separately. While fire and water damage restoration are extensive processes, a company specializing in both can handle them simultaneously. Orange Restoration is fully licensed and insured to handle fire damage restoration and water mitigation and water damage restoration project.

As you can imagine, there are few or no areas of your home that are only damaged by water and not also by fire, smoke, or soot. As a result, your fire and water damage restoration team will thoroughly deal with fire and water damage should they encounter it, following established procedures to ensure both conditions are met.

If you are faced with fire damage in Louisville, KY, New Albany, IN, or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact the Orange Restoration team of experts. Orange Restoration is a fully licensed and insured fire damage restoration and water mitigation water damage restoration company.

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