Roof Repair and Replacement Louisville, KY and Surrounding Areas

Roof repair or replacement can come to one’s mind for many different reasons. It could result from weather-related damage, old shingles starting to crack, or maybe you need your house to have a better curb appeal. Throughout the roofing process, our job is to keep an open line of communication with you and understand your needs. 

We go through the process of figuring out precisely what you are looking for and helping you pick the right materials for the job. Below are the roofing process steps to clarify what to expect when installing a new roof or replacing your old one.

Orange Restoration in Louisville, New Albany, and nearby areas specializes in new roof installations and full roofing replacements. You can rely on our roofing specialists to satisfy your needs, whether you are building a new roof because of old age or whether you have an insurance claim due to weather damage.

Our first job is to ensure that your entire property is fully protected while roofing replacement is underway. We make sure that no damage happens to any of your property during the process, and we take serious precautions and measures to keep it that way.

Replacing vs. Second Layer

If you are debating between removing the old shingles and replacing them with others vs. putting a second layer of shingles on top of the one that you already have, here is our take on this subject. 

Tearing off the old materials offers your roofer a chance to look at any concerns that could slip up under the original roof. Besides, an overlay decreases the life span of the second shingle layers in half, so it is best to skip the old roofing materials if you wish the new roof to last longer.

If you want to have a worry-free experience with your newly installed roofing system, we would advise you to go for a teardown and a new roof. Quite a few things pop up once the shingles come off, leading to some severe water damage down the line. When installing new roofing, our inspectors carefully inspect the base layer’s integrity and insulation and fix any issues before the installation proceeds.

Bringing in the new and taking off the old

All materials will be transported to your location by our team or a hired transportation contractor. This will take place the day that we are scheduled to start working on your property. Our team members will position the roofing materials and bring shingles for your home’s roof for easy access during the project.

Our roofing team will begin at this point to remove your old roof down to the plywood. We make sure to strip any old shingles and felt paper before repairing your roof to give your new roof a sturdy, new, and clean foundation to lie on. We will rip it up and cover it with fresh plywood if we deem any component of your plywood to be rotting or damaged.

Roof installation

Once the old roofing and damaged plywood have been removed, we will start preparing your roof to install the new materials. During this process, we install ice and water shields in the valleys of your roof to provide additional protection against these harsh elements. 

Since chimneys are one of the most common leak areas on a roof, we install ice and water protection around these areas and extra protection to prevent future problems. As an additional layer of security, we dry the entire roof before installing the shingles.

Install roof shingles

Once the plywood underneath has been repaired and the roofing felt replaced, secure and dry, the roofing shingles you choose will be installed. Once the siding installation is complete, we will paint all roof vents and pipes to match your new clapboard’s color. When you paint these accessories, you add them to your new roof and better street appeal.

Final cleaning

After the work is completed, we inspect your property for garbage, clapboard, and falling nails until our work is finished and the roof is in order. We pick up stray nails and other metal items that might damage your tires or hurt you. A nail magnet is mounted along the outside edges of your house and driveway.

The goal for every roofing job to make the process as pleasant as possible for our clients. We understand that no one likes to live in a construction-like zone for longer than needed. We come in, do the highest quality job, clean up after ourselves, and leave our customers happy.

If you need a roof replacement due to an unattractive look, weather damage, or any other reason, don’t hesitate to call Orange Restoration!

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