“Thank you for your recent work on our flooded basement. We truly appreciated your kindness, promptness and fabulous crew. Everything was done as promised and ahead of schedule. The crews worked through the night to get our home back to normal.

-Thank you for a job well done, David and Renee Compton

“Thank you for all you’ve done through this process. You were so kind and helpful every step of the way, and I appreciated it immensely! Your team was always nice and did an outstanding job. Thank you all so much.”

-Best, Ashlee R.

“My wife and I want to say ‘Thank-you’ to you and your re-construction team for your hard work restoring our home. It is nearly finished and is looking good. It is a great relief to my family and I to hopefully return to normal after nearly six weeks of turmoil.”

-Many thanks, Randy L.

For some time I have felt that I needed to write you and Orange Restoration a note thanking you both for the excellent work your people did in bringing my house back to where it was before the mishap we had that caused us to hire you.

The local USAA insurance agent recommended that I call Orange and I am pleased I did. While all of your people had what might be referred to as outstanding talents or expertise, they all seemed to have one common goal–to perform the work perfectly so that no one ever realized that there had ever been a problem or had ever dreamed that there had been any damage. Their work was fantastic.

I would like to give special praise to Sergie, the carpet layer, as well as the man who cleaned up the rugs at the end of the process. They were wonderful. However, the star of the show as far as the worked was concerned was Kenneth Higginbottom who finished the ceiling. His work was perfect and he had one goal–to make me happy and to make it look pristine in ever way–no shortcuts–no-nonsense–just quality.

I also appreciate the wonderful job you did in overseeing the project and getting the workers here when you said they were coming, as well as your personal visits to make everything happen.

God forbid that if ever I need you again or that someone I know requires restoration services, I will gladly recommend you. I will tell them to call Orange Construction and YOU personally to do the perfect restoration.

-Sincerely, Bill Rothwell