Contact Our Emergency Team Immediately

Suppose your home is flooded or experienced water damage. Every minute counts. The longer you delay dealing with the water damage, the higher chances for your walls, carpets, floors, ceilings, and belongings can soon become soaked and irreparably damaged. 

We cannot stress enough how critical the start of fast water mitigation is after water damage occurs. Every hour counts when it comes down to water soaking into the drywall, floorboards, and other building materials. What might seem like not too much time might be enough time for water to puddle up where you cannot see it and for mold to start forming. Once that happens, mold remediation will be needed, which will add to the cost.


Orange Restoration has completed hundreds of residential, commercial, and industrial water damage restoration projects in and around Louisville, KY, New Albany, IN. The company’s technicians are fully licensed and certified by the IICRC. Their skills and experience ensure the full completion of a water damage project with maximum attention to detail.

Customer safety is Orange Restoration’s primary concern. The company only uses cleaning solutions and environmentally-friendly equipment that meet the highest standards in the industry!

Homeowners are encouraged to contact Orange Restoration professionals immediately if their property is facing water damage! Procrastination can cause secondary damage and increase the cost of removing and restoring water damage.

Things that you should be ready to tell us when you call:

  • Street address of the property that’s challenged by water damage.
  • Contact information with your name and the best number to reach you at.
  • The approximate time when the water damage occurred, we ask this to determine how extensive the damage is.
  • What caused the water damage?
  • What caused the damage? Flood, leaking appliance, leaking roof after the storm, etc.
  • Your insurance information if you have insurance.
  • Are utilities available at your property? If floods are bad enough, a lot of times, utilities get shut off to prevent further damage.

What happens next?

As soon as we gather the information from you, we will immediately dispatch our team specialist to go to your location.

Water mitigation and water damage restoration include the following:

– Source of water damage is identified

– On-site emergency repair takes place

– We extract the water out of your property with fast and powerful equipment

– Cleaning, sanitation, and deodorizing

– Powerful drying equipment is used to get rid of moisture from air and structure

– If there is any mold that formed already, it will be cleaned and prevented from developing further

– Restoration or replacement of affected building materials as well as contents restoration

Orange Restoration Water Damage Mitigation and Water Damage Restoration Louisville, KY Process:

  1. Contact Our Emergency Team Immediately (You are here)
  2. Water damage inspection
  3. Water removal and extraction
  4. Property drying and dehumidifying
  5. Property cleaning and sanitizing
  6. Restoration of the property and Contents restoration
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